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With a little help from my friends

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The day goes by much easier with friends. I think I’ll get out and spend some time with some this weekend. Its been a long week of just work and chores so far and I need to lighten up a bit. And don’t forget about those 4 legged friends. They sometimes are the best ones. Loyal and think the world of you. What more can you want?

Getting by with a little help from my friends. Just happened to be listening to Joe Cocker version of that when I came across this image.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Hope its a good start for your day as it is mine. Multitasking and making progress. I’m preparing the tools of war with mother nature. She has many advantages but I have JD. Yep an old John Deere that just keeps on keeping on. I have to look up when I got that but its got to be 20 years old.

Yeah its got a tire I have to pump up once or twice a month. But it still runs well. Of course I’ve probably just jinxed myself and it won’t kick over this year. We will see later today if the rain holds off. I hope its ready because we are back to full-time cutting this year. Due to some health issues a few summers I had to hire a service. The last couple years I’ve been doing it every other week and having the service (and I use that word service very loosely) do it every other week. Well we parted ways last year and I’m the YARD MULE again.

I’m kind of looking forward to it. There is some solace on sitting on a tractor for a few hours mindlessly chopping grass and thinking about life or just leaning back and looking at the sky or feeling a breeze. No cell phone, no email, no having to keep an ear peeled for the better half.

Of course you have those scorcher of triple digit days but I still love the heat. But we won’t worry about that for another few months. Next week will probably be the first week it needs cutting. That will give me a few days to get some weed and feed on the ground. I haven’t used that in years because we have well water out here and I worry about putting those chemicals on the ground. But then I see a tanker truck of chemicals pull across the street and with a fire hose they start the full yard treatment. That is seeping down in the same water I’m drinking.

And being the yard is looking a little wild again I think I’ll do the front and sides. The back is a lost cause being against the woods line. I just cut it and don’t worry about weeds. I don’t obsess about the yard like I once did. It is what it is. I put half the effort I used to and it still looks good. Not the best but it isn’t a competition.

Well only 2 hours or so of dryness left so let me get my behind out of this chair and back to work. But first a bit of perspective.

I remember sitting at the window recovering and thinking about how good it would feel to be able to be out and cut the grass again. To be strong and healthy enough to do it for many years ahead despite my increasing senior status is what I yearn for now. It used to be a chore. Now its kind of symbol of being back to myself.

No, I didn’t forget about adding my Random Thoughts. I’m going to do another post later.

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With a lifetime and a half in the Newspaper industry I'm preparing for my retirement career as an Artist, Writer, Photographer and Video content provider. I'm a proud father of two wonderful children and I'm still married to the first girl I fell in love with and probably only one that would have me.

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