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The Attic

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We rooted some pieces of history from the attic today. Some of the kid’s things we saved from their youth. Brought a lot of ooh’s and ahh’s from each of us with each box or toy we passed down. And then when she opened the clothing box of their favorite things it stopped both of us.

I didn’t even come close to taking everything out. It will still be a while till the grandchildren need bikes or wagons. But I’m so glad we saved some things. Well, actually a lot of things. Just the books and stories alone bring back so many memories of reading to them and the games we would play doing that. My better half reminded me of the storm noises we used to have to make at a certain page in one of the books. She held it up fast so I didn’t catch the title and this old mind memory for that would be stretching things.

I also found a few boxes of my Mom’s items also that I stored after she passed several years ago. I was kind of intrigued by this one piece I believe she got when she traveled to China. From the descriptions, I’ve found online it’s a Classic Blue/White Porcelain Ginger Jar.

Photo by Mike Hartley

It looks nice, is large and is fairly heavy. I can’t read what looks to be a Chinese mark on the bottom of it. Time to enlist more experienced help. I did find one interesting site called Invaluable that had some good info. I’ll look for a local dealer experienced in these wares also and keep searching.

Photo by Mike Hartley

The decorations are down. Well most of them. I still have to take the outdoor lights down and the basement tree and lights. But in the next few days, the home will be back to normal. It’s kind of sad, I enjoy them so.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • My least favorite season is chapstick season.
  • A normal workweek on the horizon. Lord help us.
  • I’m trying but I’m not sleeping well.
  • Terps basketball wins make me feel really good.
  • Is the dynasty over? Could the Pats be OVER? And yes I did pick the Titans.

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