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I’m going to move beyond the madness of politics and neighbors today and get back to thinking about my hobbies and enjoying life. But then there is the workday starring me in the face. Such is life, do the best with the time you have.

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I’m fishing for a peaceful day. Photo by Mike Hartley

Made It – When you reflect on life, it’s fun to look at the stuff you have made in your life. For instance, when I walk out on my deck I always have a great feeling because I made it. Well with the help of a good neighbor friend. It feels as strong as I wanted it. It’s lasted through storms and trees falling on it. Anything I make always feels good. Even when I make something that isn’t, it’s good for a laugh usually.

Pine tree deck party. Photo by Mike Hartley

As I sit here some days going through my parent’s things, I wish I had the chance to know from them what might have been important or special to them. Yes, I know several things but I’m sure there is something I’m missing. A story behind something that might seem insignificant, might have been precious to them. And I will never know. For instance, I’m sorting through old family photos. And there are some people I don’t know or can’t recognize. I’m sure she would know in an instant. And I’m left to wonder did I just throw something valuable to the family away?

I actually have a draft post of material things that have some significance to me and then maybe to my children. And I just thought to myself I also start needing to put a story or meaning behind them so they can decide.

But what have I done? What have I made? Well, I figure I’ve been part of making a few billion newspapers. Which might lead me to the quest of determining the actual number someday. I think I might have been conservative in that number because that doesn’t count the commercial work.

But personal things I’ve made have been limited and I hope to change that. Yes, I’ve made tens of thousands of images. Maybe more. I’ve got about 6 years of blogging and some drawings and etchings. I can’t wait for the days where I can really start knocking out some work. Funny how work gets in the way of work.

Fruit – I didn’t think of it as any resolution but just a thought. I wanted to start eating at least one piece of fruit a day. So I’m off and running. It’s not like I don’t like fruit. I do like many of them. And till today I never knew avocado was a fruit. Yeah I know “Duh” at this age I should have known that. Or better yet, I probably did know it, but forgot. Anyway I know I have to make an effort to change my diet for the better as I age now. I’m evoking the “better late than never policy” so if my kids are reading this and trying to catch their breaths from laughing I’m holding my head up and proceeding.

Fruit celebration. Photo by Mike Hartley

I have added smoothie making materials to the shopping list. Got to make it a little fun. Plus that can increase my intake and keep me away from less healthy drinks at the same time.

Maybe I’ll add some fruit to my cooking more. I’ve always enjoyed pineapple on various items. Like Hawaiian pizza or grilled in kabobs. Maybe mixed in with some sliced red/yellow and green peppers. And then there is pineapple over ham. Ahh.

So if I can make it through these lean fresh fruit months I think I’ll be good the rest of the year. Then we can talk about maybe adding veggies to the diet regularly. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves now.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • Could you imagine losing your sense of smell and taste forever? Wear a mask, please.
  • I wonder how much time a day I could recoup if I stopped watching weather reports.
  • It’s ironic the day after we are discussing bills we paid by mail last month, some were sometimes taking 30+ days to make it to the business. Of course, that is late and they are threatening service so we have to pay online. So tonight is the story on the local news about others having the same issues. Did you ever think you would be thinking it would be nice to return to the good old days of the Post Office?
  • The Amazon scam calls are starting up again. All scam calls seem to be picking up. Probably never went away. The company that could help us average Joe’s within getting rid of that crap would be worth a fortune.

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With a lifetime and a half in the Newspaper industry I'm preparing for my retirement career as an Artist, Writer, Photographer and Video content provider. I'm a proud father of two wonderful children and I'm still married to the first girl I fell in love with and probably only one that would have me.

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