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Best foot forward

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I came up with that title for today’s post because I’m back to the foot doctor today. And that is where I put my injured foot forward. And what did he do? He gave me a shot in my foot. Hopefully, this will help me regain my stride.

Yes, it’s the left foot doc. Photo by Mike Hartley

It’s good to put your best effort into whatever you choose to do. I haven’t always done that and I regret it but I try harder each day now.

Maryland has a new law on the books effective Oct 1st this year called the Move Over Law. This is a very good and common sense law. Now we get to see how many people don’t give a crap about it. And my guess is it’s going to be lots of people.

Hell, we can’t get people to turn on their lights in the rain and even in the dark. Of course, the measure to get people to move over for stopped vehicles, emergencies, or John Q Citizen will save lives and injuries. It’s an excellent idea. At one time in history, it was just common sense and I think taught in driver’s ed.

Come on Mother Nature. How bout a sunrise tomorrow? Photo by Mike Hartley

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • OK, Mother Nature – Uncle. Please bring back some sunshine again.
  • You can never talk too much to your children. Well, that is from the parent’s perspective.
  • Had the pre-season tune-up on the furnace today. Bring it on winter. No no, just kidding. I don’t want to upset Mother Nature.
  • Food costs could send the country on a diet.

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