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Good morning

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Yeah, I know it’s the afternoon now. But when you get to bed at 7:30 am, it’s a good morning when you sleep past noon. Time for a shower and heading out to catch some of the fall colors I hope. Waiting for the furnace repair service to appear because the house had a real chill to it this morning when I went upstairs and we noticed the heat hadn’t come on.

I miss these already. I’ll be raking a few million before they are all gone. Photo by Mike Hartley

Do you remember raking leaves? Actually using a rake instead of a leaf blower (which wasn’t around when I started). The object wasn’t really to clean the yard of leaves even though that was the end result. It was jumping in the pile of leaves before you took them to the compost pile or hill in the backyard.

Kids, dogs, and even some young at heart adults would dive and disappear only to reappear with big smiles on their faces and laughter in the air. Now you have teams descending on properties with the blowers and huge vacuums attached to the back of a truck that mulches them into the truck.

No more teams of kids pooling together and doing several yards. No coming inside at the end of the day leaving some many leaves on the floor that you could have been a tree yourself.

Times change, not always for the better. It’s sad when simple pleasures aren’t passed along.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • I feel so much better with some rest. Maybe there is something to this sleep thing.
  • Time for some music to set the proper spirit for the evening
  • I really like the Monte Cristo at Mathews in Catonsville.
  • Precious few days left to work on my tan.
  • So much for catching fall colors today. The furnace guy came very late but I’m still glad he came because I hate COLD. And the house was cold.

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