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Different spot

I was going to go down to the Patapsco River by my home but decided to walk Ellicott City instead of the train tracks and woods. I will do that later this week. It was an amazing day for mid-February, sunny and with some high clouds. Sometimes I just pause on the streets of this town and think back to many decades ago.

Like standing across the street looking at what used to be Stromberg Publications (The Times Papers) now Su Casa Furniture and La Palapa restaurant. And as I walk across the street and look back and see Talbott lumber yard and store and now the Phoenix restaurant. The same thing happens to me all up and down the street. Ellicott City never gets old for me even though they call it Old Ellicott City.

And as always it was friendly as ever. You can tell the tourist, they don’t always respond but residents, merchants, and locals always are cheery and will look you in the eye and smile with their greetings. A lot will stop and talk. I’m one of them because I want everyone there to feel welcome. It’s a great little town that keeps changing and evolving. Not always in harmony but it certainly is resilient and a survivor.

Everyone in town seemed to be paired off today but me. As promised yesterday I did get another shot of the Patapsco River. I have some more to share but it’s supposed to rain the next few days so maybe I’ll sprinkle in one or two of those.

Photos by Mike Hartley

I’m back on track shooting every day again now and hope to keep pace with my blogging effort which has been daily for a while. I feel so much better when I get new images.

I forgot to wish you all a happy Valentine’s Day yesterday. My better half and I really don’t make much of it anymore. Buying overpriced candy or flowers seemed a waste so we stopped the exchange many years ago. It was fun when we were young but practical needs seemed to be a better use of our funds.

If you share the love throughout the year. If you give flowers randomly throughout the year. If you cook once in a while throughout the year. And don’t forget to throw in several “I love you’s” throughout each day. Those and other efforts are far more important than a bunch of chocolates and roses on Valentine’s Day once a year.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • My performance review is tonight. Will be interesting to see if I’m up for another one next year.
  • Important people are never gone from your life at any time.
  • Walking is the first step. Well, maybe the second and third also.
  • I’m sure I walk by many better photos than I bring back.