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Knocked out

A 4-year-old KO’ed me today. That and a late Thursday night with the boys. So I found some shots I took in Montreal about 4 years ago that I hadn’t used here yet. Or anywhere, one of those forgotten folders that needed attention because it also had a few more good family shots.

Excuse me, could all you flags stand at attention for a few minutes? Photo by Mike Hartley

So I have very little in the tank tonight to ramble on much. Plus there are two more games to watch in March Madness tonight. And if I may make an observation, I didn’t think it would be a good year to be a #1 seed in the tournament.

Human contours will always win out. Photo by Mike Hartley

Tomorrow’s and Sunday’s plans changed a bit today so there are a few more free minutes in the weekend ahead. I believe I’ll use a few minutes tonight to catch up on some rest.

Madonna photobombing. Photo by Mike Hartley

Hopefully, I’ll be catching up with some old friends tomorrow morning but after that, it either be chores or hobbies. Of course, I choose hobbies but reality, might have other ideas.

Hard not to have a window seat in some buildings. Photo by Mike Hartley

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • I really like drawing day with my granddaughter.
  • The odds of me staying awake for this last game are slim and none. I’ll still go with slim.
  • This basement is showing its age. I’ll have to get it redone before the grandkids grow up some more and realize it needs a facelift.
  • I have no problem with staying busy and trying to get a lot of things done. It’s just a matter of what and who they are for.
  • Tomorrow might be a good day for some rainy weather shots.