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Howard County Maryland

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Give them their DUE. No government agency is perfect. Even the best ones can make mistakes. But as always, its how you reply to adversity. And in this case as was the case before it happened the Howard County highways division has responded very well. I’ve always been amazed at the service during the winter season our county gives us. During those bad storms I even try to catch the drivers to see if they need something to drink or eat by standing at the end of my driveway as they come back up from our dead-end street as they plow with food and drink in hand.

curb accident

curb accident

I’ve been living here almost 3 decades now and I don’t think I’ve ever seen the plow hit a curb, and that is saying something given the snows we have had during that span. This year we had our road resurfaced and its higher now and therefore the curbs appear a little lower so my guess is this has made it more difficult for the drivers. Then again it could have been some idiot coming down the center of the street forcing the plow over further than he needed to go which I’m sure happens to those guys all the time.

Anyway the county quickly responded to my email. They replied with a report number and contact info and estimated repair time. I’m a happy camper and my back is happy I don’t have to deal with those chunks of asphalt.

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