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Howard County Maryland – Ellicott City past shots

Was just organizing some old shots around one of my favorite towns on Earth and thought I’d share a few of them. I started my career in Newspapers in this town. That is if you don’t count my days as a paper boy delivering them as a youth.



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Cancer and Laughter

Tonight, I went to visit an old friend at Howard County General. Another friend called me and suggested it and I’m so glad he did, as we met there shortly after. She is fighting cancer and just had surgery today. She is a beautiful person and I’m sure she will beat this. The older I get the more people I know are fighting this illness. It’s a fight I also had at one time and hope to never do battle with it again. I know many people who cancer has taken also and I think about them often and give thanks that I have been one of the very lucky ones.

But the thing that struck me tonight was how laughter helps. And to have laughter you have to make the time to spend with the person. And those two things are one of the best gifts you could give or receive in your life. And not only should you make this time and laughter available to your friends and family when they are ill, but also when they are healthy.

I remember the first visit I had from my friends after my surgery. Those laughs left me feeling better and positive about the next day. Because it reminded me that good times could be ahead again despite the current pain. Making time for others and sharing laughter is something I must do more of in the future. It’s a blessing and gift I have to share and I feel such a great reward myself. I can’t let how tired I am or the number of chores in front of me or the job get in the way of helping those closest to me.

And don’t forget to try to brighten the spirits of the medical staff while at the hospital. Those are some hard-working people who are dedicated to caring for your loved ones, and maybe you someday.

So the next time you get a chance to go see someone who could use a laugh. Do it because it will be just what the doctor ordered. For both of you.



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Oh Yeah, Happy Halloween

I was bringing my mother in-law back from the hospital from visiting with her husband and we got to talking about Halloween. She started to tell points of her memories with her children, dressing up, going out and coming back and dumping their bags in the living room. Trading candy back and forth, talking about who gave what and did you see that costume. And I’m sitting there having the same memories of my children and how I miss that so now because they are grown.

Thankfully they (my children) still have the spirit and dress for work and parties. My son borrowed a few items of mine for his costume and my daughter texted me photos of her costume today, so I’m still loving the celebration.

But I digress. Keep an eye out for youngsters tonight. Slow the hell down, if you’re in a vehicle. Complement their costumes, give them candy, smile or act scared and think about when times were simple and you didn’t have the worries you do today even about something as simple as Halloween. And enjoy the evening.

Halloween Photo by Mike Hartley © Threw Mikes Eyez

Photo by Mike Hartley