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Howard County Maryland – Schools

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Well, this article isn’t really on schools. Its about those big Yellow vehicles that transport our kids to and from school. You know the ones that have the RED stop sign come out at the front and back of the bus when it stops. Oh and there are those yellow and then RED flashing lights that tell most normal people that they need to STOP.

For I’ve had it watching people just drive past buses when they are loading or unloading the children of this county and state. Now these people aren’t going to be inclined to read this article. Maybe that is the issue, some of them can’t read and don’t know that RED sign says STOP. But I digress. What I think we need to do is to start recording these infractions and put some stiff fines to them. Either us citizens or the bus drivers or the county by installing cameras need to remedy this before a innocent life is taken.

So keep in mind that Schools in the county are starting today. Keep in mind that getting there 30 seconds earlier than you would have if you had stopped isn’t worth the risk of hitting a child. And keep in mind that I might spend some time video taping you passing a stopped bus and I might just send it to someone who can do something about it.

So do the right thing. Slow down, stop when prompted and be careful. It’s school season again.

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