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Winter Weather is Coming

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I have to learn to embrace this season. It is far from one of my favorites. And as a famous quote goes (My Favorite Winter Activity, is going back INSIDE). It’s like a monochrome season. I dread travel in it and I hate being cold and the body aches that come with it. But this season will be different in one way. My daughter was pretty insistent that I get a snow blower. Hell, I’m not even 60 yet and they think I need more power tools. But given the demise of one of our best friends this past winter it’s the SMART move. Don’t be too proud to admit that you’re not the young person you once were. And even if you are young, take it easy with the shoveling this winter.

Took these on Rt 15 north of Frederick MD on my way to see my daughter who was in college at the time.

Ice Farm Photo by Mike Hartley

Ice Farm
Photo by Mike Hartley

Mist behind Trees Photo by Mike Hartley

Mist behind Trees
Photo by Mike Hartley


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