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Howard County Fair

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The 70th annual Howard County Fair has taken place and we were part of it again. A family tradition here in this household. We still go and I love it. Mainly because it’s so simple. It represents a lot of the old county before it was so developed. It’s about the kids and smiles. The competitions of animals, arts and crafts, gardening/farming, cooking and talent.

A pair of my favorites. Photo by Mike Hartley

A pair of my favorites.
Photo by Mike Hartley

It’s about the rides for the kids and its about the Pit Beef for the adults. It’s many things to many people. They had a nice run of weather this week and I hope attendance was good. From those I spoke to it was. Which surprised me to see some empty booths in the Exhibition Hall. Then again it was the day before the fair closed so I guess a few booked early.

I didn’t take anywhere the number of images I had hoped for because I got lost in family time. From eating the pit beef, pit turkey or put ham along with some great onion rings to wandering the barns, it was a wonderful time that just relaxed me.

For any minutes with my family is a wonderful thing. And while there isn’t the same excitement as when they were young and wanting to do the rides and games, it’s still wonderful.

Which flavor snowball should I have? A question I always have trouble with myself. Photo by Mike Hartley

Which flavor snowball should I have? A question I always have trouble with myself.
Photo by Mike Hartley

It also represents decades of memories. I used to work for the Howard County Times from the mid 70s to the mid 90s. So working the Fair Booth was a volunteer operation staffed by members of the Newspaper staff every year. We would sometimes volunteer for a few shifts during the week. Of course this wasn’t paid except for the free tee shirts we would get. My daughter reminded me of that one which I had forgotten. And it brought a smile back to my face also. I can see those green tee shirts now.

They would sign you up in pairs so one of my best friends and I would always do it. It involved sitting in the Fair Information booth making announcements, giving information, handing out fair copies of the paper and having fun. Of course we took our own cooler with us to keep properly hydrated. Luckily we always kept it under control. But as the night would go on the announcements became more spirited.

So tempting Photo by Mike Hartley

So tempting
Photo by Mike Hartley

I was looking at this booth all night, yep the sign is correct, Deep Fried Oreo’s. I swear it was calling me each time I walked past it. I have no idea how I avoided not placing an order.

There are lots of booths like this that had total support from my waistline to intake. But I was able to limit myself to one small cherry dip cone at the end of our visit. And unlike many fairs this time of year it was cool enough where it didn’t melt down my hand before I had a chance to finish it.

Something new at the fair. WINE AND BEER. That was a first if my memory strikes me right. Didn’t see any ill effects and most people who want to drink do so without approval anyway. But now you can purchase it in the fairgrounds.

All I know is I love the fair and hope to attend for many more years.



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