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Scotts Cove

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An old friend called me the other morning. Rocky George, the paths, water and wildlife. I parked at Scotts Cove. I can’t believe they put a children’s play area there, when did that happen? It’s been decades since I used the trails back there along that water. So as the sun was starting to touch the treetops the other day the voices said to pull my ass off Route 29 and get some fresh air. I took a quick walk down to the water, with camera as always. Now that I’m walking more I’ll have to put this back on the destinations to explore again.

Scott's Cove at Rocky George. Photo by Mike Hartley

Scott’s Cove at Rocky George.
Photo by Mike Hartley

This county has so many wonderful spaces to get out in. Centennial is nice but a bit crowded at times. I used to go to Alpha Ridge till they took the hoop courts down. I feel like I’ve been to most of the parks through sports leagues or just pick-up stuff. I’ll have to get out and re-discover them all again and share them with you through photos. But that start will be next week because today is the Fair and some work on etchings.

And I’ve taken a few minutes to relax and unwind from a stressful part of the week, which I thought was over but it’s dragged me back in today also. So time to regain my focus and step away from the desk.

But before I go a few tidbits below.

I was glad to see a fellow county blogger AnnieRie Uncovered covered the County Fire Event this past Tuesday morning. I worked a night shift the evening before and just couldn’t make the call after an hour of sleep.

So it’s the weekend, get your sword out like the guy below and have at it.

Helmet - check , sabre belt - check, sabre - check. Photo by Mike Hartley

Helmet – check , sabre belt – check, sabre – check.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Random Thoughts for Friday August 14th 2015

  • I picked up a basketball for the first time in 2 years I’m guessing. And boy did it feel good. So part of the exercise routine it becomes again. Now I just have to hit the local sports store and see if they are selling games, because I must have misplaced mine.
  • Most quality writing takes time. Obviously I lack time. So thank you for putting up with my scribbles.
  • Recalling many fond memories of the Fair with my children and friends. Seemed like a closer knit community back in the day. Whoops, there I go showing my age.
  • There may be a day that I have nothing booked this weekend. Keep that secret between us please.
  • There is a new net on my basketball hoop. I plan on breaking it in. But I might have to invite friends.

OK, I’m trying to decide if I should take off and go see the Doobie Brothers and Greg Allman at Pier 6 on the 2nd of September?

Pier 6 tent Photo by Mike Hartley

Pier 6 tent
Photo by Mike Hartley


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