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Tackling Tuesdays

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Had a great game plan for today. Felt like utter hell so had to adapt. Hard to accomplish goals when you don’t have your health. But won’t go on about that. I will go on about doing the most possible each day because each day is an opportunity regardless of health. I learned this from having cancer. When you are faced with the possibility that time is limited in life you overcome things like not feeling good and you do the things that make you feel good.  Like going to work at the job that pays the bills because you have bills to pay. Like doing this blog. Like shooting photos (didn’t get that far today).

Tackling Tuesdays Photo by Mike Hartley

Tackling Tuesdays
Photo by Mike Hartley

I also missed my goal of that time on the treadmill today. So I’m going to put in some laps this morning instead and double my time up so I make up for that loss of exercise today. I used to let things like not feeling good stop my progress. Now I just try to remember to squeeze in as much as possible each day making the best of each day. Oh yeah, telling those that are important to you that you love them. Speaking of which I got to drop a note to my children tonight.

Exercise is Essential Photo by Mike Hartley

Exercise is Essential
Photo by Mike Hartley

So despite the return of the heat I’m getting out on Wednesday regardless how I feel (hopefully better). I’m going to shoot like a banshee and get some exercise. I’m going to try to write and clean up my workroom so I can get to some carving. Oh yeah, I’m going to make it to the job that pays the bills again because that is how I roll.

  • randomthoughtsLadies, football season is under way. Time to smack us on the back of the head if you want our attention.
  • Even though this election seems to be polarizing our country, don’t let it happen. In each encounter you have each day deal with others with respect and compassion.
  • Remember no matter where you work, you’re working for yourself. I forgot that rule for a long time.
  • I’ve got about 50 years of hard work to cram into about 20 if I’m lucky. Sounds like fun to me.
  • I miss walking in Ellicott City on Sunday mornings.
  • Driving in DMV (District, Maryland & Virginia) area takes a lot of patience. There are far to many people with only their self-interest at heart. And that can kill you.

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