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Where do the damn weekends go?

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This weekend, we regrouped. It was a very relaxing Friday and Saturday. Unusual that we weren’t running several places or overwhelmed with home chores and task. No big events or plans with the kids. Just an “us” weekend. I think yesterday we both felt a little guilty but both realized we need a day like that to balance out the madness sometime.

Dam, or is it Damn? Damned if I know. Photo by Mike Hartley

Dam, or is it Damn? Damned if I know.
Photo by Mike Hartley

A day spent doing this or that, a nap here and there, some mindless sports/movie watching. Walking outside to the rain and turning around and coming right back inside. Other than a call/text or two from friends/kids, no outside contact with the world. No expectations of each other than to relax which is really nice that it just worked out that way and we didn’t have to plan or even say anything to each other that this was how we were spending the day on Saturday. I guess after 36 years we are finally starting to read each others minds. The rainy day helped make the call.

Not that I don’t enjoy doing things also. Friday we spent the day together soaking up the rays of the sun that afternoon by being out and about. But again it was kind of spur of the moment, each of us got to do something we both enjoyed a bit and a few things we enjoy together also.

We’ve allowed ourselves to sleep in. We spent time on the treadmill. We had meals together that weren’t rushed. We hugged and held each other. And now its back to the grind work week again after today. But with this weekend behind me it should be a breeze.


  • randomthoughtsThere aren’t enough turntables in the world anymore to provide enough spin control now for the Donald. But they are certainly trying.
  • So when does the other shoe really drop?
  • I always wonder what my kids are doing each day when I don’t see them.
  • That wind today saved me getting on the roof to clean off the leaves that have fallen so far. Thank you Mother Nature.
  • Teach someone to love today and every day. It’s our only hope.



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