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Window to the weekend

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Going to concentrate on simple things. Hope to do some pet photography today while visiting my Son and his two dogs. Well he has one, and is sitting for a few weeks with another and I hear they have become quiet the pair. Hope to have a nice lunch together and see what he has been up to. It’s so rewarding that the kids keep us close to them even with them grown, married and in their own homes.

Window with an eyebrow. Photo by Mike Hartley

Window with an eyebrow.
Photo by Mike Hartley

It will feel good to get the camera in my hands again today. The last few weeks getting back to work, doing physical therapy 3 days a week and trying to catch up from being so far behind from that 2 weeks after surgery.

I know I have a bit of rehab ahead to get better but I hope I’ve turned the corner and can get the positive mojo working again. I let myself get sucked into that news cycle again. Not that I want to take my eyes off it all together but its addicting in a way.

I’m not sure this other extreme in pace we seem to be trying to set is the best course of action. But then again we have little choice but to go with the flow and react accordingly when things transpire. Its more trouble than keeping up with a reality show on TV. For this one comes on at such random times and intervals with our President and Tweet.

So it’s a no reading day, I’m sure whatever I miss will be covered on Saturday Night Live this evening. This might just be a classic one on the agenda this evening. I do love comedy so. I think CNN is starting a series on the history of Comedy this coming week. I’ll have to record that series.

One thing I have found recently, is all the reservations I have about the direction of the country are affecting my well-being. And while I have no intention of disconnecting from the process, I am worn out by it recently. Its ability to wear me out mentally is winning. So I’ve got to catch myself and get back to more of a positive direction again.

Photo by Mike Hartley

Photo by Mike Hartley

Not that I’m ignorant of things going very wrong, I’m making preparations in that area as time moves along. But not dwelling on it is what I think might be best for the future. For instance when I go shooting next I’m going to enjoy it for the sport it was when I started and not some self-defense issue now.

When I see KellyAnne Conway, I won’t condemn all blondes. When I see policies on law I might not agree with I won’t condemn our local police. When I read an article about this scandal and that scandal, I’ll go look for some comic relief. When I see and hear BULL, I’ll know its all wet just like this boat. When I hear someone talking nonsense I’ll ignore it and not get into a verbal rift.

Well at least as long as they don’t invade my space. Then its on. And that is why its difficult to even go out today. I used to enjoy debating. Usually because it was rooted in facts and proven principles and known quantities and backed up by years of evidence. Now its just a pissing and puke match with some people which isn’t enjoyable, doesn’t result in either party becoming more knowledgeable and quickly designates into fixed positions.

Well that “snow” was a miss here on Thursday in the little town of Woodstock. I’ve got a yard deeper in downed sticks from trees blown down by the wind, than I do snow on the ground. Which is fine with me. I saw my daughter and daughter in-law got to sleep in with schools delayed in their districts by 2 hours.

Photo by Mike Hartley

Photo by Mike Hartley

Photo by Mike Hartley

Photo by Mike Hartley

Funny how you look back at those school days in the 60’s and 70’s. It used to take a lot more snow to delay or cancel school. Life had changed though, as it always will.

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