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Two things happened this week in regards to Neighbors. I moved to this home over 3 decades ago. My neighbor to my left, Lou has been there the entire time. We get along just fine, he is a sweet old guy and a good neighbor. We respect each others privacy but still stop and talk when we see each other outside or at church. Full disclosure, I’m not a frequent attendee but Lou is and therefore he sees me the few times a year I make it.

His home had a for sale sign on it for 1 day. The next day there was an “Under Contract” sign added to the for sale one. Can you believe that? It’s a home he built himself so I’m sure it’s going to be somewhat hard to leave. I think he did it in 1970. Almost 50 years.

My new backyard neighbor.  Photo by Mike Hartley

My new backyard neighbor.
Photo by Mike Hartley

The second neighbor is just moving in. This one didn’t buy property. Mother nature owns his home. And he just made a tree in my back yard either a home or rest stop. This Pileated Woodpecker is beautiful. I hope to catch some more of him soon being we are neighbors now also.

Lets see, what is our Commissar and Chief is up to? Can you imagine any other President with this problem? They would have been removed from office already. But we are in a new time and reality apparently so with breath held, here we go.

If I don’t shoot at least 500 frames this weekend I’m going to be very disappointed in myself. And I hope to make up for some missed post recently if I get lucky and find a few shots among them to share.

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