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I had my Son bring his pump over a few weeks back and I got my basketball back to the right pressure. It has been sitting for many months now doing nothing but collecting dust in the closet. Well yesterday was beautiful and I walked past the hoop getting mail and said why not. I need to get in shape beside the one resembling the basketball itself. So I bring the mail in, grab the ball and dribble out to the driveway feeling like Earl the Pearl. The shoulder that got cut on feels pretty good. Range of motion is good and dribbling presents no pain.

So I take my first shot and of course its off the mark from 3 feet. I catch the long rebound and from about 12 feet I swish the second shot. Elation, jubilation, laughter, confidence, thoughts of some skills from my youth returning all vanish before the ball goes through the net. Now your probably thinking injury here with that description. No, the ball actually never left the net. You see its been so long since I’ve been out there the bottom of the net had contracted a good bit and the ball was stuck in it.

Well my first jump was pitiful. Barely got my hand on the net. I used to be able to put my hand over the rim above my wrist. Then again I was carrying a lot less weight. My second attempt is better but not enough to punch the ball back up through. So I’m left with the though of trying to jump up and grab the net with my hands, hang on and get the ball through and stretch the net. Then I thought about falling and the wife finding me in the driveway and the opportunity it would give her to call me a dumb ass, so I passed on that idea.

When things aren’t falling your way.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Now I walk sheepishly back inside the house. I bring out the step stool and reach up and pull the ball through and stretch the net. How the mighty have fallen. Embarrassing having to get a stool out for that. I didn’t see any around but I’m sure if a neighbor kids have seen this, I’ll be the shame of the old sports guys. To add insult to injury I stayed out and shot around for the next 30 minutes till I felt a heart attack coming on. Yeah I’m that out of shape. Hate to admit it but yeah.

So I’m going to attack this in a safe way and work at it each day. I’m going back out with that ball every day till I feel better. Then I’m going to add some more activity to that and keep it up till I’ve lost about 15-20 lbs and can handle exercise without feeling like I’m going to drop dead. And then I’m going to keep that up and add some strength training to it. Just to keep a good tone in my 60’s. At least that is the plan today.

Don’t worry, that driveway widens a good bit and allows for at least 25 footers from straight away. The picture cuts all of that out.

My thoughts and heart are with one of my best friends who landed back in the hospital.

You know all those conspiracy theory people who have for decades said our government is corrupt. Well, after the last 6 months I finally am coming around to that school of thought.

I have to give a very good and old work friend a call today and schedule a breakfast meeting together next week. It has been far to long.

I feel like I haven’t told my kids half of what I think they should know. They probably think that after all that talking already, he can’t have anything more to say.

No time like the present for a nap. So off I go.

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