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Steak and Cake

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As I was eating a chunky peanut butter sandwich last night for dinner, I was skimming some family shots when I found a few food/dinner shots mixed in. And I’m sitting here almost drooling over this plate of steak and crabcake  (this is how I choose to spell crabcake, I’m from Marland and that is what its called) I had at Fagers Island a few weeks ago and trying to decide where we should go out to dinner this weekend. No I’m not at the ocean again. We are home here in Howard County. But that doesn’t mean I can’t get a good meal around here.

Steak and Cake
Photo by Mike Hartley

But there were several very good meals at the beach a few weeks ago. I’m going to touch on a place that has been there for 25 years and I’m disgusted I’ve missed it up to this point. Its in Fenwick Island and its called Nantuckets. This was a wonderful meal and complete dining experience. So was Fagers Island fine dining. BJ’s was also good as well as the Dumser’s ice cream.

I was blessed with another wonderful day. I hope the same holds true for tomorrow.

There are somethings that laughter just can’t get you through. But it works for a majority of things.

Take the time, work the time, share the time, cherish the time, use the time, appreciate the time, don’t waste the time, just my dime’s opinion.

I forgot to tell a lot of people today that I love them.

I look forward to the day I can be fishing with brothers again.

Fishing moments are forever.
Photo by Mike Hartley

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