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Floating through Thursday

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I believe Shark week is over and I thought some of you might be having withdraw. Actually I have to admit I didn’t get a chance to watch that much last week. Seems like the draw has worn off a bit. But you didn’t have to go to the Aquarium to float yesterday. Just step outside during one of those downpours and you could catch a wave in some areas.

Photo by Mike Hartley

Well that is to be expected at this time of year. Big heat, big storms, we get hammered.

Get Hammered
Photo by Mike Hartley

Worked my behind off yesterday and still feeling like I didn’t make much progress. Losing power for a few hours didn’t help. At least BG&E seems to be better at getting it restored faster. Was interesting that it went out 2 hours before the actual storms came. I do send out a big thanks to those guys with the tough all weather jobs. Well lets hope I can finish the chores early and leave a little time for some fresh shots to fill these pages later today.

I missed writing a note to a good friend yesterday for her birthday. I’m usually very good at this and I feel horrible today.

I can’t stop thinking about a friend in the hospital. I’m starting and ending each day with a prayer for him.

Always make time for your family. Plan fun things. Time is the most important gift you can give.

The easy part of life is when you’re healthy.

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