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Commute to peace

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Sorry I missed yesterdays post. My daily commitment credibility is slipping. I’d never be a daily poster with the full-time job. Well then again I could be if I felt like throwing up images without a few words to go along with them, but the writing is becoming almost as much fun as the photography. Trouble is it has to go somewhere or mean something a good percentage of the time to be of interest. A little humor or emotion help I guess.

So I’ll try to make this a bit more focused in message each day.

Drive to peace.
Photo by Mike Hartley

I was sorting through some old images the other day and I just stopped and looked at this one in the throw away pile of things that didn’t make the cut on first edit. But it got me thinking about my commute home each day. There has always been something calming about the ride home. As soon as I enter Howard county from the south I go over the Rocky Gorge Reservoir with the trees and water. I either take the country roads from there 216, 108, Shepard Lane, Folly Quarter and so on, or Route 29 to 99 passing Lake Kittamaqundi. There are a few ponds or streams along each way.

Grab a bench and unwind.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Once I make it inside the county line it feels like I’m home. Yeah you could complain about a lot of things. I’ll leave that for others today because there is probably no shortage of people to do that, despite it being voted one of the best places to live over and over. But I don’t need any poll or magazine award to tell me its a great place. It’s where I’ve grown up and lived for over 5 decades. I’ve raised a family here. My wife and I found each other here. Our family homes are all in this county. I have found far more good than bad. And I’m happy as most of the people who live here are.

Its like I’m driving into this sea of calm and peace. Across the water and into the woods. Away from the glowing lights and hustle of the city life. Well it used to be more of that but some areas still have a nice view of the stars at night. The passing of streams and ponds, wildlife (almost hit a deer tonight) and sounds of nature welcome me every day.

There are also a lot of good people here. And not all of them vote alike but that doesn’t change they fact they are good people.

Random Thoughts

Critical mass is near. I thought it was going to be earlier this year. But right now there are so many triggers, its only a matter of time. Then again maybe we will all have lunch and work things out. Told you I was going to put some humor in here.

Its Giving Tuesday so there is another reason to at least feel good and act upon it.

My scouts say EC was packed for Small Business Saturday. Hope people were buying.

Jeez, I’m tired.

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