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Sweep quickly

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Anything being done outside is being done quickly the last few days. Tis the time of year. This has been a day of contrast for me. I started off feeling like death warmed over. And I’m ending the day on a pretty good note. Glad that was the direction it went. Had my annual physical today. I guess I passed, they let me go afterwards. Of course a trip to the pharmacy for new meds and refills, x-rays and script for PT.

Cleaning up on Main Street
Photo by Mike Hartley

I’ve realized that any day you can spend out of the hospital or the ground is a good one. You know one thing I realized today, I was looking at a picture of a friends husband in a hospital bed and I realized another thing I don’t like about it. It’s so uniformed. Those blue gowns you where are so drab and un-personal.

Hospitals need some personality. Everyone in there has one. Yeah I know you can’t make those rooms home, but you can certainly mix up the cloths. I think I’ll bring my own if I ever find myself in a hospital again. No I’m not going to dress like Dennis Rodman but some flair might be good for the place.

Random Thoughts of the Day

I wonder it DT has ever taken responsibility for anything that has ever gone wrong for him.

I wish I could bottle that feeling that I get in the last hour of the work week.

If that tax bill cost me money I’m going to take it out of someone behind. Then again, it may be time to just stop paying them anyway. I mean if our leaders can’t fund the Children’s Health Insurance Program, then they can’t even do the root basics of the job and I’m not going to pay for that incompetency. Especially when they are giving it to people who don’t need the money.

Guess I should finish shopping this weekend. Nah, why avoid that last-minute rush and the feeling that I’ve pulled it out of my behind for another year.

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