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Shaving and other stuff

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I just realized that I never taught my son how to shave. I guess having had a beard all my life I just never gave it a thought till now. Sorry Matt. Well not all my life but pretty much from the time I could grow one which was about 14 years of age. I did shave once for 3 weeks. Surprised it took me that long to go back to a beard.

And to be honest I did have just the sideburns and mustache for a short while as a youth. Hey, it was a long time ago and somewhat in style then. Thankfully as I’ve been aging and it turning a bit grey, it has done so with some style. The dark patches make up a nice fu manchu look. And I kind of like the grey. I’ve always kept if fairly short but thought about going for the long beard a few times but even with it this short it catches a lot of food. I can’t image how I would change my eating style at this ago so the short stays.

I needed some foliage today.
Photo by Mike Hartley

We are coming to the home stretch now for the holidays. Still lots to do but the fun part is under way I hope. I decorated the office a bit last night at the job that pays the bills. The tree and lights go up this weekend at home. Yes I’m late putting up the tree.

You know what I’m looking forward to this holiday. Just smiles and hugs and hand squeezes and laughter. Oh a bit of sleep might be a nice change of pace also.

Random Thoughts of the Day

You know Trump is begging for your vote and he is willing to do anything for it. I mean he’s already proved he can kiss his own behind so he may have some talent after all. And your mind is in the gutter if you think this means anything crude. I’m sorry, I can’t stop laughing while typing this.

Roy Moore is the modern-day George Wallace on steroids and he is on a religious crusade it seems. And if that is what is on God’s side, give me a pitchfork. Religious Hippocrates are one of the lowest forms of life there is. Convenient morality.  Yeah I have to dodge a few lightning bolts on my way into church 2-3 times a year, but I’m not pretending to be holier than thou.

You know Trump said he would have won Alabama. That’s a good idea because that is the only election he is going to win in 2020.

Three words I like (Traction Control Off).

I’m going to head outside and get on the roads. I’m repeating “I’m going to remain calm, I won’t kill anyone even though they may be asking for it by trying to kill me. I won’t flip anyone off, I will be very patient and courteous.”  Well its a lofty goal but lets give it a shot.

I’ve always wondered how many words make a good post? 500 – 1000 – 2000??  But I realized a way back that it’s not a number, it’s just the good words, be it 1 or 1 million.

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