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Hot as hot gets

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Some like it hot. I fall into that some category but I do have my limits. And today is going to test that but I’ll take it over any day of winter, spring or fall. But I realize I have to take it easy and can’t stay out on a beach all day like I used to. Such is life.

Bay Sunset Photo by Mike Hartley

Family time is great. Especially when you love and are loved. Relaxed peace of mind and heart. What could be better. We would have a lot less tragedies around the world if we promoted more family and the love that should go along with it. So if you see someone alone. Say hello, share a smile. ask how they are doing. Sometimes the smallest gestures go a long way in helping your fellow-man.

Random Thoughts of the Day

That was one sad picture of  Geoffrey the Giraffe, (Toys R Us) mascot walking out of an empty store with a suitcase. I really feel for the kids who won’t have the enjoyment of walking around a local toy store. Excuse me, Running around a Toy Store. I think we all may have lost something with that closing. I also feel for the parents that won’t get to view the excitement the children had.

Hot is Cool.

A hotspot was my savior today.

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