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A good day to keep warm by the fire. Actually had some time to catch up on a few chores. Like a nap and eating and thinking. Well I did get to a few chores and some projects worked on. I think some lack of rest finally caught up with me. Used to be it didn’t take any time to recover from burning the candle at both ends. Now I find myself needing a day or two to get back to a clear mental status.

Keep Krispy.
Photo by Mike Hartley

And the body also needs time to recover. I guess I am a little old to be pulling all nighters, but it’s still being done. My job has me in a chair for about 10-12 hours a day. Not good for the body also. So I’m going to hit the treadmill tonight to try to get some blood flowing and muscles (what few I have left) stretched out a bit.

Are you looking for me?
Photo by Mike Hartley

Tomorrow is back to reality. Lots of chores with a very early start with taking a car in for a recalled passenger airbag. It kind of gives you pause about one of these things exploding and killing you. When the device itself is meant to save you. Now that is a special irony. Anyway its being fixed tomorrow.

Then some shopping for a new ride. Yep, another payment but what the hell. That will set us up with cars that are only about 5-7 years old when we think about retiring. Notice I said think. Well in honesty we think about retirement a lot. Both of us. If I’m really jealous of one thing its people younger than me retiring and living well. I’m not jealous of them personally. More mad at myself for not doing better and having the same option. Such is life, but I don’t need that reminder.

Random Thoughts of the Day

Irony – the more good blogs I find to look at and read, the more trouble I have in completing my own post.

It’s interesting how some siblings get along and others don’t.

Physical pain takes a toll on good thoughts. But if you can overcome pain with good thoughts that is a nice payoff.

I’ve thought a lot about my parents today. I’m going to pay them a visit on Sunday I believe.

I’m so proud of my children. I’m not so sure there is much else in life that tops that. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t live through them. But their lives and how they go about them gives me life.

Financial responsibility can be stressful. The younger you start thinking about it the less stress you will have when you’re older.

I’m figuring in about 5 years my beard might just be all grey. I might have to think about being a Santa. And if I keep eating like I did yesterday and today, I might not have any issue meeting the weigh-in. I think I’m safe, its the opposite of boxing right? You can’t be under a certain weight, right?

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