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Sunset on vacation

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It has been a wonderful week with loved ones. The weather was beautiful. The lodging was great. We ate well and relaxed. Despite the long trip home today filled with accidents and storms ahead of us, I’m feeling it was a great success for not just myself but the people I love.

One more sunset and I return to the job.
Photo by Mike Hartley

I’ve gotten some exercise and hope to keep that routine up. So maybe up early on Sunday for a walk and some chores to get me moving. I’ve read through some other insightful blogs that making a habit of something can really make it easy to continue when it becomes part of your average day.

So here is to a fresh start on keeping a better fitness effort up.

Random Thoughts of the Day.

  • I’ve got some jumbo lump crab. Now I have to find those crabcake directions I used last time.
  • I’m having a convertibile withdraw. I will have to cure that tomorrow, weather permitting.
  • For the first time in a long time, I got myself a new tee-shirt for vacation.
  • I should have shot more pictures while I was vacationing, but I was mentally soaking a lot of it up. Maybe the next trip down which I hope isn’t long off.

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