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We went to a very good longtime friend’s son’s wedding today. As I told my better half when we got home that it reminds me how special being married to her is and also I’d like to be the last couple on the dance floor one day when they do the longest-married contest. In another month we will hit 39 years. I think the winning couple today had 59.

I saw a lot of love and heard a lot of good words spoken. I saw a beautiful bride, groom and a wedding party. The venue was great. Dancing was constant and the joy was great. So a good time was had.

I did a quick look at a few shots I took with the old camera. At the entrance, they had this beautiful mirror with some flowers around it. I got two angles and I couldn’t decide which I liked better. The one with the reflection of the tree at the entrance or the one reflecting the sky.

Photo by Mike Hartley
Photo by Mike Hartley

Most of our friends have been married for some time. It’s not always easy and actually it can be very difficult. My better half and I certainly have had a few rough times. I think what a shame it would have been for either of us to have taken an exit. I’m far from the perfect husband and my youthful years are littered with bad decisions at times. So she would have been justified.

But we are together and I feel stronger than ever. I’m not sure what got it back on the right track, but I’m thankful. I’m sure it was a good number of things done by both sides. And to keep it healthy that effort will always be there.

Raising children, challenging careers, new friends and family, and just growing older and changing along the way are huge hurdles. There is no set key for success other than to keep working hard at it and keep communicating. Remember the love you started out with. It also takes a good bit of acceptance.

I see people getting married that look like the perfect partners and ones that seem to be complete opposites. I’ve seen the success and failures of both. I’m fortunate to have a great number of friends that have been married several decades. Most of my best friends right along with the number I used early for us.

I don’t know where I’m going with this. I see young couples struggling and sometimes not giving it the work or chance and I see opportunities lost. I’m not saying that there are very valid reasons for splits but opportunities for change and progress are the ebb and flow of life.

To all those married individuals, my hope for the best in whatever trials you’re working through. I say that because I feel both my better half and I are very happy now, but we still had trials and days that we don’t communicate well or stresses in our marriage. Everyone will no matter how long you are married. It’s just impossible to have the best days all the time. So put in the work, if you are really in love it’s well worth it. At least that is my belief and reward.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • I’m getting better at doing a post in a very short window some days.
  • Where did this weekend go?
  • I’ve got to go now because the new season of SNL is starting.

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  1. Those photos of the mirror are beautiful, Mike!

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