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Good to be vertical

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Today is the first day I’ve been on my feet for more than a few minutes at a time to hit the bathroom. I caught some nasty bug which feels a lot like the flu and it kicked my behind. Well, that isn’t correct, it still has a good grip on me but I finally am on the mend, I hope.

It reminded me of a few important things. On the way to the doctors yesterday my wife drove which allowed me to appreciate the simple things in life. Like for instance going outside. I hadn’t had that feeling since my cancer surgeries where it felt so good to just breath some fresh air, look at the sky and be thankful that I can again be out and about.

Floating Fall
Photo by Mike Hartley

It also reminded me of how important my better half has been in taking such good care of me and the appreciation I feel in my heart for her yet again. You see I kind of ruined our anniversary weekend with this illness. We were scheduled to hit the eastern shore and a nice dinner and overnight stay. I’ve got a lot of making up to do for that. Not because she demands anything like that. Its because she is worth here weight in gold.

I could go on forever about how much she has done for me over the decades but that codeine cough syrup they gave me is starting to kick in and I’m having a little trouble staying awake. And that is my next point. I haven’t had much sleep in the last 5 days and I’m hoping for a few consecutive hours for the first time. I usually don’t get that much rest but an hour or two at the most for those past days has been brutal and not something I’d ever aspire to.

Just like losing 9 lbs in the last 5 days which really is the only good part of this whole thing. It wasn’t the way I planned on meeting my goal of seeing a number other than 200+ on the scale but I blew past that and I’m the thinnest I’ve been in 10+ years. Now if I can just be smart about getting back on being able to eat again because my throat closed up badly from that cough and all that crap going down from the sinuses.

I’m glad I can be thankful for many things but I hope everyone who deals with some medical issues comes out with a greater appreciation of all the wonderful things in life. There are many more than I’ve alluded to here that I could add but just wanted to say sometimes the best part of the body getting physically healthy again is that your mind can also give you many gifts from the same experience if you’re open to them. And it should give you a reset that will make it much more enjoyable at the end of an illness if you’re able to see it and not just worry about all the chores you got to do and upset at the things you missed and the needless worry about returning to a job or traffic or any of those other small things.

Tonight I was excited to be able to sit at the computer again for a few minutes. Tomorrow I might put a camera on the tripod at the house and maybe try a few frames to see how good that can feel again for just a few minutes. Yes I’m far from 100% but I know I’m going to get there again in a few more days and I’m coming out of it better than when I went in.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • When your really under the weather what day it is becomes really unimportant. Just like if the weather is good or bad, it has no importance if you can’t appreciate it.
  • Bet its a long time before you can hear the president sing “take me out to the ballgame”.
  • Usually, I can sleep anywhere. I tried every position in this house an all of them stopped working.
  • Ah, the task of picking medical insurance is upon us again for the coming year. Nice timing. This is the first time in a few decades where I can’t just say let it ride because my job has discontinued the old plan. But one thing remains consistent. Either the cost goes up or the coverage goes down.

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