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Crunch Time

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I did something today I haven’t done in ages. I got started on my Christmas shopping only 5 days before the big day. I pretty much finished though because I was organized, had a plan and it went flawlessly. In recent years I’ve usually been pretty much done the first week of December maybe with the exception of some stocking stuffers.

Man-eating Sign. Or is that Sign eating Man?
Photo by Mike Hartley

There were 7 stops today. Every one of them went smoothly but the thing I really enjoyed was the courtesy of both the fellow shoppers and the workers in the stores. Everyone was in good spirits. The attitude was upbeat and smiles were all around me today. Something I really wasn’t expecting to see this late in the season and everyone else completing for gifts and parking spaces.

The first thing that caught my attention was the drive to the stores. People were being courteous in the parking lot. You know, people respecting crosswalks, or not blocking intersections to allow people in and out. Every other car merging seamlessly without any unwanted birds being flipped. No horns heard or any harsh words. I even witnessed two people approaching a single space from the opposite direction and each gave a wave for the other person to take the spot.

Along Rt 108 a few years ago.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Holy crap, are we giving respect to everyone now? This is great. I wish I could see this year-round. Maybe I’ll look in the mirror also to see what I can do for the better this coming year.

Oh yeah, I forgot that one special moment that made my day. I was coming into the department store and outside was the Red Kettle for the Salvation Army. I pulled a few ones from my pocket and put them in walking. As I opened the store door and glanced back I saw the guy behind me do the same thing. As I smiled and held the door open for him I noticed two women approaching and they pulled money out and put it in. So I held the door for them. It was nice to see everyone in a group donate. If every person in this world did, there would be a lot less pain.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • I like it that our building takes up a collection for the garage, security and cleaning crews for a seasonal gift.
  • I’ve got the camera out again. Finally. Tonight is some home shots for the family album and tomorrow I’ll venture out with my better half and photograph some county holiday light displays.
  • The thought that made me happy today was that my daughter and daughter-in-law are both off till the beginning of the new year. Teachers really deserve the break.
  • Is it dangerous to get water while at Taco Bell? I only thought of that after I did today.

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