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Summary of a Saturday

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A fine Saturday indeed. The first chance my better half and I had time to spend together in a while. I missed it greatly and she indicated the same. We went out and had an early dinner of steak and shrimp. No fine dining, just Texas Roadhouse in Columbia, which is the first time we have been there. Service and food were very good and it was so relaxing to spend some time talking to each other.

Columbia Mall
Photo by Mike Hartley

So we just kept it going with a trip to the Mall. I know, what are we thinking on the busiest shopping day of the year? But it was a piece of cake. I did want to get one thing but they didn’t stock it anymore.

Photo by Mike Hartley

So we just walked, shopped, listened to people singing out by the poinsettia tree, went over and looked at the kids and parents visiting Santa, people watched, managed to walk in the Godiva Chocolate store and walk out empty-handed.

Photo by Mike Hartley

We walked holding hands at times. We stopped and overlooked the kids playing in their playland area in front of JC Penny.

We walked the entire mall, both levels. We got our grandchild something. I mean you can’t go into a children’s store and come out empty-handed. Maybe a chocolate store but never a children’s store if you have grandchildren.

Photo by Mike Hartley

I left my camera in the car on purpose. I didn’t want to take the time to shoot anything and break up our time together. But there were a few moments that I saw and passed on, and then (DUHH) I unlocked the phone I had in my hand and did a couple of old iPhone 5 shots. Yep, 8 megapixels. Of course, that is the same resolution I have on my old Kodak camera. But I’ve never really used the camera function much at all. Like almost never. I’ve had the phone for many years and I bet there aren’t 50 photos on it and most only recently with my Son’s dog or my new Granddaughter.

I’m going to make that one of my resolutions to use that tool a bit more. I’ve got to admit carrying that heavy Nikon around is a chore. No problem when I have some time or can use a tripod but carrying that 3 lb. weight around my neck usually gets to my back.

I’m trying to get an early start on a resolution to do some new shooting each day. I see a lot of people in the blog environment taking a break over the holidays. I’m looking forward to gearing up. I’ve got a few thousand more images to upload to my photo site. I’m hoping to shoot like there’s no tomorrow, I hope to write something inspiring. I hope to pull my video camera out and try my hand at that again. I hope to get my Dremel tool out and create some sawdust. No offense to those taking a break. We all need one. But a few days off during the holiday season is like a feast of time that I can selfishly devote to my pursuits in between the family and gifts and friends and laughs together.

Thanks for a great day today Patti.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • Leave the TV off and see how much more you get done. Turn your computer and cell phone off and go out and enjoy life and someone’s company
  • Is it sleeping in when you haven’t really slept well all night?
  • I grew back into a wardrobe I had a while back. I also discovered the need for a belt again, because I almost lost a pair of jeans the other day. I know the kids wear them low but that would not be a cool look for an over 60 dude.
  • No, not another work week on the horizon.

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