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First of all, sorry about the absence yesterday. I really needed to catch up on some rest. The body and mind were running on empty. Today we had an unusual thing for a Friday. A wedding at 5 pm in D.C. It was a wonderful event and the last daughter of our close friends has tied the knot. No this is a shot from another wedding. I just don’t have the energy left to download and edit the shots yet.

Wedding photography. Photo by Mike Hartley

I always enjoy watching the paid photographers and the different angles and shots they try to create. I didn’t shoot a lot tonight. I just enjoyed the event really.

It’s nice and comfortable going to friends’ weddings where you have watch their children be born and raised to become adults and then start families of their own. Speaking of which I wondered if I was going to escape tonight because my better half got a newborn from the brides older sister in her arms tonight and I thought they weren’t going to be separated.

Well, here it is just before midnight again. I think I might try to do more of my post earlier in the day instead of these last-minute rush jobs. But I do want to add one more point. It was kind of a flashback to one of the happiest moments in my life. I was watching the father-daughter dance and the song was somewhat similar to the one my daughter and I danced to or at least the spirit of the song and the intense looks of the father and daughter tonight made my mind wander back to that day I danced with my daughter. And the feeling was wonderful and has warmed my heart for hours and still does sitting here at home hours after I witnessed it.

So here’s to all the happiness children can bring you.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • There is nothing like putting on a sweatsuit after wearing a regular suit.
  • It’s interesting to see how many common experiences there are between strangers.
  • Going to spend the day doing as much as I can tomorrow because there is no sense wasting a weekend.

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