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Thursday Thirst

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I had a thirst for music today. Well, it started on Wednesday when I realized I was having precious few moments to enjoy in the past few weeks. I also saw a few videos last night of an old band I liked who’s drummer just passed recently. In addition to being one of the best drummers of all time, he wrote very well.

I ran across this tribute to him and one of his songs performed by the US Army band. The song was called Time Stand Still. I love the lyrics to it. The focus on capturing moments alluded to in the song is why I enjoy taking pictures I believe. I look back and relive moments of my life in each one. And that moment stands still for me and allows me to soak up the feelings of it again.

But life is about real-life moments and the ability to appreciate the gift each one provides. So appreciate the small gifts throughout the day. Never discount a hug or hand squeeze or fist bump. Never forget the laughter or sincerity you feel in your heart for another person.

Car window photography. I was too tired and too cold to get out and grab a shot on the way home yesterday, so I did the next best thing, I turned the heat up, rolled down the window and took a shot or two.

Downtown Silver Spring
Photo by Mike Hartley
District of Columbia Scottish Rite, AASR, SJ on 16th street.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • Glad this wasn’t the year I purchased a snowblower. I’d feel pretty foolish about now.
  • My wife is more of a hardwood floor person. I’m more of a carpet person. I’m losing territory.
  • It’s time to make another run at sorting some of my parent’s possessions out.
  • If your the one making the extra effort to make things work better for friends and family, don’t look at it as a burden, look at it for the success and happiness it gives everyone.

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