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New neighbors new challenges. A while back the neighbor behind us builds a chicken coup. Then they populated it beyond what is allowed in the county. The new neighbors next door just created this metal frame structure, threw what appears to be a tarp over part of it. Given the sounds, I believe that one is populated now.

So far the one behind us which is in a court and we have a little woods between us, hasn’t been an issue. They maintain it well. the rooster doesn’t wake me often and there has been no smell. So all was well. But this large pen, on our property line and maybe too close to my home given the laws on the books. I have no idea how many they think they are going to put in there but its a very large pen. Twice the size of the one behind us that has 15-20 already.

Photo by Mike Hartley

To add to the complications the neighbors that have constructed their new pen don’t speak English. So I can’t familiarize them with the local laws on the books. I wish there weren’t language barriers. So right now I’m going to just see how this plays out. If it becomes an issue I might just call the county and let them deal with it.

So get ready for the poultry update from time to time. I’m not against poultry or people raising it. But a residential area and a farm are two different things.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • I had a really nice luncheon with in-laws today.
  • I know when I get a good night’s sleep because its a real special event being they come around so infrequently.
  • I can’t wait till I go to D.C. for a reason other than work.
  • Each time I get a week or two overdue on a haircut I think about letting it grow again.
  • The older you get, the less performance reviews matter.

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