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New normals

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I was just thinking about my next visit to my father and mother in law and how that will be done through a window. Arlington National Cemetery is closed so I can’t visit my own parents.

Yeah I’m saving on gas but no social interaction at the job. I love having the extra time with my better half though. She’s my favorite social interaction.

I have an excuse for not going to the mall.

People Tree Photo by Mike Hartley

3 places you will find sports junkies. On the ledge outside the window, cowering in the corner or watching 10 year old replays like they are live.

I have an excuse for not going to church. And at the same time another reason to go.

I wonder what the least crowded time is to go food shopping?

If you have a lot of interest in life, the emotional strain of becoming a homebody is easier.

Oh no, I see that Casinos and racetracks and betting facilities have been closed in the state. We already have the sports junkies in a state of detox and now we are adding gamblers to the mix. If they close the liquor stores, all hell is going to break loose.

Yet life goes on so normally. A coworker passed away from an apparent heart attack. He was only in his mid 40’s. A best friend had his second grandchild. Life and death march on.

Working in the yard still feels the same. My back hurts after raking. And this morning my thighs hurt from bending over picking up the leaves.

Even though I’m working from home this week I’m tempted to go for a drive in the morning to see how much traffic differs from the norm. I will need to get out because I haven’t ventured outside my neighborhood since last Wednesday morning. And yes I’m going to avoid human contact.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • Seared scallops are an easy dish.
  • I’m might scratch my cooking itch this week.
  • I found a box of my father’s history. It’s a big box. I think my Mom kept almost every clipping of his service. I also found a few old magazines. An issue of Time from 1944 and Newsweek from 1948.

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