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Cooking with juice

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Well, I wasn’t actually cooking with juice. But I was cooking today. If supplies last I hope to be cooking a lot more. I was eating out too much anyway. Not that enjoying a good restaurant isn’t a wise move, it’s just a little difficult to pull off now.

Photo by Mike Hartley

It felt good getting the grill fired up again. I put some spicy Italian sausages on the grate and slow-cooked them. Brought them back up and put them in with the onions and peppers. What a savory dinner.

Trying to get a balance between keeping up and being prepared for the future and at the same time trying to enjoy each day. I spoke to my best friends today and I think we are going to get together. A group of 3 should be safe and everyone is healthy so far. I’ve been isolated for a week so I’m fairly low risk.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • I wished I stayed in bed a bit longer today.
  • This changes everything.
  • A toast to everyone’s good health.
  • I can’t wait to feel the temps in the ’80s again on Friday.
  • I love driving but I don’t miss the drive to and from work at all.
  • I don’t feel the need to tell people that I love them more because I already do it really well each day.

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