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March Madness

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March Madness – It used to be about College Basketball. I guess it could be easily applied to Major Leagues Baseball this year also. So the lockout is over, I guess a lot of people care and I’m glad the people that work at the stadiums and surrounding communities thrive from it again. But I’ve lost a lot of interest personally.

I don’t even care who’s at fault. All I know is that by not caring the next time they do this I won’t be surprised or affected. So good luck MLB, this fan is on hiatus.

Their back. Photo by Mike Hartley

Maybe the players and owners should swap positions for a season with the common man who earns next to nothing working the same place they do. Let them work concessions and seating and janitorial for next to nothing and see what hard work is about. Maybe waitress at one of the local bars and see how it feels to be stiffed on tips. Oh yeah, park a few miles from the stadium and still pay an arm and leg and hoof it to the stadium like the rest of us. Or maybe better yet stand out in the cold and rain some evening directing people where to park for several hours in the stadium lots.

They say perspective does a person well. And I believe many parties in this sport have lost perspective.

Setback – I’ve had just about every vaccine possible over my lifetime. Never questioned them before Covid so don’t mistrust them now. But I did have my first negative reaction to one. My first shingles vaccine had me down a bit for 24 hours. Fever, body aches, and headaches. But they have passed and if that is the worst reaction I ever have then we are good. Still have a second shot to go I’m told. I won’t schedule that on a worknight next time.

Utilizing those moments. My better half was telling me the activities she had planned with our granddaughter tomorrow. I find myself thinking ahead also. How can I teach her important things in life? So many opportunities to do that every time we are together. I love it, but the window to do those things is tight before she is off to school. The first 3 years of her life have already gone by so quickly.

Before you know it those opportunities have passed. They need a lot of coaching before other influences get involved in their little lives. They need confidence in themselves. They need to know right from wrong. They need to know kindness to others. They need to know honesty and many more important lessons.

It takes a whole family and more to pass on good values, respect and confidence. Of course, love is one of the most important ingredients.

So let me get some rest so I’m all smiles for her in the morning.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • If you want to learn how to start a day watch a 3 year old wake up and start their adventure.
  • I don’t think I would ever say this but I found a place where snowfall isn’t pretty. Ukraine. Snow falling on bombed out landscapes is UGLY.
  • With gas prices increasing the Work From Home jobs just got even more attractive.
  • March without Terps mens basketball playing is very strange.

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