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Why not and what the hell

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Why not make some changes? Being on vacation is always a good time to start them. Keeping them up when the workweek returns is a challenge but who doesn’t like challenges?

Take a seat, any seat. Photo by Mike Hartley

Exercise is a good one and I’ll start with that today. I’ll get most of that in the form of chores and yard work. But a few minutes here and there with the dumbbells and I’ll see if the foot can take a long walk.

What the hell?

I figured the day was coming given all the paranoia and rage out there, but it was still a shock when it happened. Being an amateur photographer using a conventional camera I’m taking pictures when I’m out and about. And especially photographic places like a small scenic sea town in Deleware which we were staying at.

My better half has been looking at different sun sculptures that people put on their houses, sheds, barns, and fences. So I’m walking up the street from the beach, about 5 homes from where I’m staying and I see one on a shed and snap a picture. Well, this guy comes running out his front door yelling who are you and what was I doing and taking pictures of? This is my house and that is my brother’s house next door, what are you doing? He comes right up to me with that attitude.

I’m on vacation and in a mellow mood it’s only around 8:30 am and I just finished walking a few miles on the beach photographing, so my normal inclination to square off and if he took one more step toward me to drop him, didn’t immediately kick in.

I said I’m an amateur photographer and I was taking a picture of that sun on the shed in that back yard. I said my wife likes those suns and I can tell you where every one of them is in this town because I’ve stayed here for decades. I said your free to look at the photo if you don’t believe me. Now keep in mind, that I’m in the middle of the street, nowhere near the gravel area where people park in front of the homes on my way back home when I shot this picture. I maybe stopped walking for 5 seconds.

So after that, his tone changed and he started to give me the history of the area because he had been there a few decades. And I think he knew he was being a paranoid jerk or at least in the way he approached it.

Now for any of you future wanna-be paranoid a-holes who want to do this, please keep in mind, that I’m not always in a good mood. I could have said who I am is none of your f’ing business and kiss my ass and call the cops if you’re that worried, I’m 5 doors up the street.

Or I could have just said take one step closer and one or both of us are going to the hospital or worse. I may be old but not so old that I won’t FUBAR someone who comes up on me like that. People need to think.

If I wanted to photograph something for some nefarious reason I probably wouldn’t be using a conventional camera standing in the middle of the street. Hell, I could walk or drive up and down that street taking thousands of photos of his place with a cell phone and he wouldn’t even be able to tell. And I wasn’t photographing a home, it was a F’ING SHED.

I have no problem with people questioning what I’m doing in a friendly way. I have no problem giving calm, legitimate, honest answers. But if you want to bum rush me with a threatening tone, thinking you’re some kind of higher authority and want to intimidate me, keep in mind there could be a different outcome.

Looks like great weather for Bike Week in Ocean City Maryland. If you are into loud pipes, chrome, and leather this is the place for you this weekend. I did enjoy riding for a few decades of my life but those days have passed.

Please note the trailer and bike plates (HOG TYDD and WEHOGN. Photo by Mike Hartley

Ride safe all. No, the above bike isn’t mine. Would have been nice to have though.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • I’m going to try not to turn on the TV all day.
  • One of these years I’m going to best my son at football picks. I’m not off to a good start this year.
  • The more I have to charge my camera batteries the more charged up I am about life.
  • It’s easy to smile when I open my work shed. Closing it at the end of the day, not so much sometimes.

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With a lifetime and a half in the Newspaper industry I'm preparing for my retirement career as an Artist, Writer, Photographer and Video content provider. I'm a proud father of two wonderful children and I'm still married to the first girl I fell in love with and probably only one that would have me.

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