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Communication breakdown

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Looks like Mother Nature didn’t get the word “Keep Off the Dunes.” From Bethany Beachless Deleware. There is some beach left but it looks like another big job in the winter is in store, restoring it. Personally, I think they should have said “Please Keep Off the Dunes.”

I’ll be back next year to support them.

Photos by Mike Hartley

No, I didn’t touch any of these signs which were on the dunes all in front of the boardwalk there.

Random Thoughts of the Day (Volume 2)

  • That mole out back is trying to cause an ankle injury.
  • The weather was wonderful this afternoon. If I could get a couple of repeats I’d be grateful.
  • The clock is ticking, otherwise, it would be stopped.
  • Tonight I print till I run out of ink. Because I know I have more than enough paper.

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