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It felt like everyone was outside yesterday. And why not, it was just beautiful. I was out and about myself adding to the traffic. I watched a few videos of Bike Week in Ocean City, which appears to be a large and successful event. Unfortunately, I read in (Delmarvanow) of two deaths there on Wednesday and Thursday.

I can say that riding a bike for a few decades is in the top 3 of the most dangerous things I’ve done. It was also one of the most incredibly joyous things at the same time. Good thing I didn’t have a bike this beautiful or I’d still be in the saddle.

Something this special should have been at Bike Week. Photo by Mike Hartley

It looks like a strong lineup of bands and it looked like a bigger stage from the vids I saw. Last night looks to be the final night, so things are probably winding down this late in the morning. But on the heels of what is probably the best weather they have had for the event everyone is probably headed home today so be careful and share the road, please.

I’m on my last few hours of vacation before returning to work tonight. Wow, that hurts. Well, at least till the next break. It’s been a pretty good week. One of my 2 beach days last weekend was a complete monsoon but I managed several long walks on the beach. I’ve managed to complete a few home projects and had some time with my granddaughter.

I spent time with my better half and we ate well a few nights. But I guess if I were to rate the most successful part it would have to be getting some normal sleep. At least 6 hours and a few 7s and 8s. And I feel much better from it. Just the fact it was at the same time each night is a big plus instead of flipping back and forth between night and days during each week a few times.

Sleep is one of the major casualties of this job. And I’m pretty tired of it, no pun intended. I just have to tough it out for another year or two.

Random Thoughts of the Day (morning edition)

  • Early morning random thoughts are really random.
  • I’ve done better this week at reducing time in front of the TV and it feels good.
  • I don’t know what I’m more apprehensive about. Just returning to work from a week of vacation or a new boss also starting this week.
  • It feels good to still be a handyman around the house. For some things at least.

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