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Surfs not up

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But it doesn’t matter. I am and hopefully, it’s a great day ahead. Warmer temps are on the way and sunshine. The surf forecast isn’t that good till next Monday at our shores. Even though I can’t be there this week I hope to find my beach somewhere.

Old and young enjoy surfing. Photo by Mike Hartley

And when I say find my beach I mean a mental sweet spot in life where you’re as relaxed as you are walking on the beach. Yes, that kind of peace.

Cars Turning Heads

I finished editing some of the classic autos I shot in Ocean City last Thursday’s boardwalk parade. Uploaded 137 shots of some colors and styles that just make me smile. Enjoy the Gallary if you like things on 4 wheels.

Outside looking in wishing to be behind the wheel. Photo by Mike Hartley

I learned a lot of things on this shoot. Changing angle, elevation, and location. I also learned I need to bring my damn tripod because holding that brick out for extended periods worked on my back in not such a nice way.

Shooting car shows where everyone is parked isn’t as fun as people driving them on real streets. Or boardwalk in this case. Next year I’ll have more than an hour and a half to shoot. Maybe a day or two.

One mistake I can’t seem to just get over having grown up in the film era. It’s just not in my DNA to fire away at will but that is what I need to do in some spots and far more times than I use it now. I’ve got to find a balance because I feel I miss some shots because I don’t shoot enough.

Tomorrow I pick up the cameras again. Practice Practice Practice.

Random Thoughts of the Day

  • Tomorrow might be an unexpected very big day.
  • I should have purchased a recliner for the basement years before we got one.
  • My mind is racing tonight. I just hope it’s not towards a headache.
  • I don’t like missing nice days outside. I really don’t like being under the weather as the reason.

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