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Howard County Maryland – Food

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Last night was we had another great pizza from Ledo Pizza. The one we visited was in Columbia off Oakland Mills Road. There are 4 locations in Howard County as far as I can tell from their locations Map. I usually use the one on Rt 40 Normandy Shopping Center. But we started at the original on University Boulevard in Adelphi. I believe that original restaurant moved a few years back to College Park, but I read they have 100 locations now and are becoming a force in other states.

Everyone’s love of pizza is different. Thick or thin crust. The endless varieties of sauce. The variable of cheese and toppings are endless. But for this guy Ledo pizza is my favorite. Everything comes together and its consistent and its done with a smile and good service. And this is a company that gives back to local communities. Everything I like in a pizza is in theirs. The constancy in the variety of toppings I try with their pizza is tops.

May favorites are the pre cooked bacon. I also go for the sausage and pepperoni. The green pepper, onion, mushroom is fine for those not meat inclined. The Hawaiian pie (sorry pies are round and Ledo pizza is RECTANGULAR). Let me try again. The Hawaiian pan is also a favorite.

To me their ability to franchise and train and maintain the consistency while also doing good things for the communities they are part of, leads me to believe this is a good organization. One I have supported for many decades now and one that will continue to get my business.

Oh, my other half wouldn’t be happy unless I mentioned their salads which are great along with the house dressing. And now that I look over their online menu I see a few things I would like to try so looks like next week they might be getting another visit. That Sweet Baby-Q Chicken one in craft pizzas looks like a winner.

Also wouldn’t be right to not mention the Calzone and Stromboli. The meat lovers are great.

Hope you enjoy your experience if you decide to try. And if your a Facebook junkie, they have contest pretty regularly for various things.

Don't forget to get gift cards for your pizza lovers. Photo by Mike Hartley

Don’t forget to get gift cards for your pizza lovers.
Photo by Mike Hartley

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