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Not just yet, and What day is it?

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Someone get me the lamp oil and a lighter, lets fire up Spring. Be gone white blanket encasing our frozen carcasses.

Wonder if I should fire these up to help melt the last of the snow?  Photo by Mike Hartley

Wonder if I should fire these up to help melt the last of the snow?
Photo by Mike Hartley

What Day is it?  Of course, it’s the last day of the week for my first full-time job and the continuation of my second one. Not that I’m complaining because it’s very good to have a job or jobs in these times. Especially at least one of them that can pay all the bills. There is no substitute for that.

what day is it?

what day is it? Photo by Mike Hartley

I don’t really care what the unemployment numbers say any more. As with most numbers they are twisted to give the sender the advantage and message they want. Regardless of the truth of the matter. We see it from the governments to businesses. And no I’m not saying that because there is a Democrat in the White House. Frankly I don’t trust any formal political party now. And they are pissing the hell out of me with being so polarized. But I’ll get to that another day.

As with everything, people’s trust in numbers or positions or opinions or directions or fixes to problems are all looked at with a skeptical eye. And with good cause because greed is a bitch and we all fall to it in some fashion.

Whether it be in material or personal advancement in the eyes of others. The misguided perceptions of wealth and power for some people are quite disappointing. Yes I can’t say I wouldn’t like to be paid much more or hit the lottery (no I don’t play often) and have the ability to do more for my family and friends and strangers in need.

But there are also very reasonable limits that a lot of us forget. There are a good number that forget to share the wealth and their only goal in life is to get more of it. If you asked the rest of the world they would say a majority of Americans have forgotten those limits but I beg to differ a bit on that. Not that we don’t create some of the most egregious and spiteful people in the world, but on average we have a country that has shared with wealth a bit more than others.

And while you hear about the huge gifts and endowments or whatever they call that stuff, or the causes they give 10’s or 100’s of millions towards, it’s the average Joe I bet that keeps this country on the right track by supporting and giving to those less fortunate on a daily basis. And please don’t think I’m belittling the gifts and charitable work that people like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet do. Actually after accumulating such great wealth I think they learned it was more enjoyable to give it to worthy causes than earn it except for the challenge of earning the fortune in the first place.

I didn’t take the time myself to realize and do a better job of this till later in my life. And I’m trying to make up for it. I used to be scared to even look at the homeless people in DC where I’ve worked for some time now. Most of them I ran into in the beginning were having bad mental issues or addiction problems. But then I met a few just down on their luck. Some with great communication skills and other abilities who got caught in a bad time and place in life or made a bad choice or two. But good people. Yes I’m sure there are more than a few out there scamming others with a poor act. Like some of the people panhandling on corners for hours, taking a short walk back to their Mercedes and driving home. But they are a minority. And just like a bad police officer, it does a great disservice to those who aren’t and hurts good people.

Even the people with the mental handicaps or addiction issues I look at in a different light now. But it’s not just the obvious ones like poor and homeless people. It could be a friend or stranger you meet who needs a good ear to listen to them and suggestions on how to work through problems or snap out of a funk. Maybe stopping to help the person with the flat tire. Maybe opening a door for an elderly couple. Maybe taking the time to give someone lost directions. There are endless things you can do each days if we just open our minds and think about them.

Here it comes.  Photo by Mike Hartley

Here it comes.
Photo by Mike Hartley

But back to the wealth and riches. I find myself much happier when I’m not worried about money and what I have and don’t have. But focusing on more important things like standing in the splash zone at the amusement park with my children. For as they turn around soaked from head to toe with looks of shock and then laughter and smiles. That is better than any scratch off ticket winnings. It’s better than a promotion at work.

As I move my focus more each day towards trying to become a better person, I find myself more content with myself and the effort. And I discover different ways to help all the time.

I have a very good friend who has quietly been giving and giving of a number of his resources to a number of things. The thing I admire about it is how quietly he goes about it. He inspired me for this Quote of the Day about it back in early January.

All I know is that I no longer aspire for a management position at work because I’m happy without it. I don’t have a burning desire to hit the lottery because I’m happy where I am financially. I don’t care if I get a 1% raise and might not be earning much on anything in my own business because I value many other things about my work more. I don’t care if my back hurts and that its difficult to get out of bed because I can.

My lottery win. Laying on the beach with my family this 4th of July watching fireworks. Photo by Mike Hartley

My lottery win. Laying on the beach with my family this 4th of July watching fireworks.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Because this year my idea of hitting the lottery this year, is laying on the beach watching the fireworks with my family on July 4th. Because when all is said and done it’s not the money in my pocket at the end that will be making me smile. It’s the memories of riches some can’t see and never will have.

So keep in mind. Help someone up. Help someone along. Help raise someones spirits. Help someone get healthy. Help someone with a tip or service. Help them with a smile. Help someone by sharing knowledge. Help someone. It’s what sets up apart from a lot of the world and sets the right example for it.

And while you will continue to read more stories in the media about this or that scam that cost people millions or how this or that company took shortcuts for profits and endangered millions, think about the every day Joe, making that contribution, making that sacrifice, making that effort. And outweigh the evil that few have for the good of us all.

Oh yeah, to answer my original question. Its Hump Day. Have a good one all.


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