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Aspiring Beauty

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Forgot to run this aspiring beauty the other day. Got so busy with chores and work I forgot to post this nugget. I’m starting to get charged up about shooting each day now. It’s still hard as hell to fit it in along with the editing but if I’m smarter with my time I’ll be able to make it so.

Photographing each day, is kind of a reward in itself. It opens my eyes more to what is around me. Sort of like riding a motorcycle where the cage around you is removed. You can see in so many more directions unobstructed. It also gets me out and about which is another major goal. No I don’t travel like some of the wonderful photographers I try to learn from but I make the best of the home state and surrounding areas.

A while back I was thinking about purchasing Lightroom or Photoshop to help in creating the best images. But I’ve decided to hold off because it’s the original image capture that is what I need to work on and then the other things will be in support of that moment.

Buds and a bloom. Photo by Mike Hartley

Buds and a bloom.
Photo by Mike Hartley

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With a lifetime and a half in the Newspaper industry I'm preparing for my retirement career as an Artist, Writer, Photographer and Video content provider. I'm a proud father of two wonderful children and I'm still married to the first girl I fell in love with and probably only one that would have me.

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