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How long will the painting last

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Along Rt 144 sits the old Friendly Inn. At least that is what I remember it as. And if I keep reaching back in the memory banks that mural around the top of the building was done shortly before it closed up I believe. So even when the sky isn’t painting the backdrop the mural provides the area texture. Actually this might be the next stop for the next strip mall of stores. For along Rt 40 they have just about used up all the free space, filled the old space and now have to move west along 144. At least that is what it feels like.

It seems like it has been vacant for 3-4 years now. A shame because I remember coming home this road for a number of years when I worked in Columbia. A much more peaceful drive than 29 at rush hour. Homewood to Folly Quarter to 144 and so on.

Old Friendly Inn along Rt 144 if my memory isn't failing me.  Photo by Mike Hartley

Old Friendly Inn along Rt 144 if my memory isn’t failing me.
Photo by Mike Hartley

I wonder if my children will see anything like I have in terms of the pace of change in an area for over 5 decades in Howard County. Sometimes when I’m riding by these old places I say to myself, “what could I do with that?” I come up with all kinds of grand ideas and then go to work every day. And then the next thing you know these places disappear one by one. I guess we’re all just temporary residents.

Yesterday was a special day because it reminded me of what makes me happy in life. I got to spend it with my family. It was a great day and I thank them all for their time and gifts.

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