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Tuesdays gone

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One of my favorite Lynyrd Skynyrd songs “Tuesdays Gone”. Then again all Lynyrd Skynyrd songs are my favorites. Tuesdays seem to just blow by. Or as Skynyrd says, “Tuesdays gone with the wind.”  And today was no different, with the lack of sleep on Monday it was impossible to pull off good production on two jobs in the same day and get some rest.

I was thinking about looking for shots today to describe the heat. As I was organizing some files I ran across this old frame. I remember the day that I shot that being hot and humid just like today.

You want to talk HOT. Photo by Mike Hartley

You want to talk HOT.
Photo by Mike Hartley

So it looks like my shooting will be limited to later this evening and early Wednesday. But I did find some old work that I’ll have to scan in and share also. I’m so glad I’ve grown up in a family that loves to take pictures. I hope it leaves my children with something they can enjoy also after my days are done. Because images can take you back in time. They can recall warm feelings or remembrances of events shared.

Which has got me thinking. Would I want an off site backup of all my work. I have several internal backups of my images and writings but when I see these homes burning out in California it makes me think that everything could be lost with an event like that. So what to do. Lots of things available with Cloud storage and technically that might be the easiest to keep updated. I guess physical offsite storage is also an option but one that needs some automation and physical transfer depending on how often you want to update. Something I’ll have to work on and cure in the next month or two.

Random Thoughts for Tuesday July 21st 2015

  • The more time I spend on the road the more I lose faith in people.
  • Technology tools can lead to a rush of judgement.
  • Wealth comes in lots of forms, and most of it isn’t money or precious metals or real estate.
  • I’m getting very selective when it comes to watching TV. And I like the time it’s freed up.
  • You got to admit, Trump is entertaining. In a way that people slow down to look at an accident. Hell, Regan was an actor and he got elected President. Not that I’m voting for Trump. But it does seem he has excited a lot of people on both sides of his opinions. Maybe when things settle down we will hear some more frank talk from other candidates and find out true positions and goals. And that is true for the Democrats also. For everyone is tired of the standard Washington doublespeak.

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