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Monday Direction

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Not sure which direction I feel like taking today. Kind of conflicted between working on some photography/writing or getting out that new Dremel tool and starting some artwork. I’m on a mission to squeeze in one or the other today. And if I’m a lucky man, some of both.

Which Direction to choose today. Photo by Mike Hartley

Which Direction to choose today.
Photo by Mike Hartley

Each day now I think about how lucky I am to have a camera to pick up and go shooting with. To have the time to create, write and express myself. The hardest thing in life is not to take things for granted. Yes its OK to relax and not think that every second, but overall I’m starting to appreciate each thing I do.

It’s strange in some ways when you change your school of thought. Take cutting the grass. A brutal issue in my case with over an acre and lots of trimming. A 3-4 hour ordeal each weekend. March through November most years. A job that can wear you down week after week, year after year. Now after 4 weeks of recovery and having to wait another 2 more weeks before I’m physically able to do it, I find myself looking forward to cutting it again.

I look at my job (the one that pays the bills) differently. And that is in a number of ways. I actually have a bit more appreciation for it. I’m thankful that while working towards the end of my career in Newspapers, I’m still able to do what I like very much for an industry I love. I also know after 5 decades in the workforce that it’s a job. Took far to long to learn that lesson. I’m not regretful into what I put into them at times, but I’m disappointed at the lost time with my family.

I certainly look at my family and friends with an appreciation for every moment together now. And thinking of more things to do with all of them all the time. After my first cancer I slipped back into taking even this for granted. I’m not going to make that same mistake twice. I’m learning to express myself more now.

So in short, every moment feels good right now. For in some way being cancer free is like being enlightened, midway through life. Something that I wish some others could see and have that advantage of also.

Random thoughts for Monday July 20th 2015

  • Today I saw a number under 200 lbs. on a scale for the first time in a few decades. It feels good.
  • Life is about balance. For many years I had none.
  • Hey, being its no longer a secret, judging by the crowd they had this weekend, you might want to come to Ernesto’s Fine Mexican Food in the Enchanted Forest shopping center. I’ve eaten there a few times and it has been excellent. And some other friends have also attested to the fine beverages served.
  • I should have questioned my sanity when I accepted a job in the middle of Washington DC. To do that commute almost 2 decades now must confirm that more than 1 screw is loose.
  • It was a snowball type day.


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