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Sunroof Sunday

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I love the feel of sun on my skin. I really like being outside in it. But if I can’t, I like to ride with the sunroof open. If for nothing else but to peak up at the sky at a traffic light. So I found this shot I took on the way to work one day and thought I should see what else I can capture through the roof of my vehicle when safe. I think it will be a good practice for me to look up for a change. I wonder what a thunderstorm looks like with the roof open? My other half will kill me. But its good to think outside the box. I haven’t done that enough in recent years.

I believe this might be the Discovery building in Silver Spring.  Photo by Mike Hartley

I believe this might be the Discovery building in Silver Spring.
Photo by Mike Hartley

I’m also on a mission to shoot every night and learn how to use very little light. Sorry, didn’t intend the rhyme. But that is a long overlooked, put on the back burner and ignored project. As are the dozens of other projects I have on my photo list. So I figure if I challenge myself here to keep a few of them going at a time I’ll accumulate enough work for my end goal of illustrating things I hope to publish in the future.

I’d also like to try my hand at photo murals. I’ve only done one before but again, if I gather enough images then its to the next step of creating something unique out of them.

Wow, looking at the calendar and here we are at the end of July. So little of summer left. I must get cracking. No not the drug, the effort I’m going to need to finish up with all the ideas I have. It’s nice to be feeling a little better and at least have the desire back to do more and create. But for some reason, I feel like I have a lot more internal deadlines than I did before.

Got busy with chores and forgot to do a regular post on Saturday (so yesterdays Random Thoughts are below). I did like the old Ellicott City images I found and posted. I’m trying to do a little more every day. Oh, I just found some flood pictures from 1975 that I took after hurricane Agnes 40 years ago. I’ll make sure to post them later today.

I’ve got to start organizing some work and finishing up some creative ideas this year. Well at least my mindset is getting right again, now lets see if I can make it happen.

Random Thoughts from yesterday Saturday July 25th 2015

  • Today is a special birthday for a family member and I can hear the excitement in his voice.
  • Only by being open, can you come up with the best thoughts and solutions.
  • I believe the art of mentoring is a lost art in today’s business world.
  • Never take clean water for granted. Hell never take water for granted.
  • You would think that living out in the rural area of the county that you wouldn’t have to put up a “no soliciting” sign but next time I go out, that is what I’m purchasing. That way I’ll be in my legal rights to hold the next stupid solicitor on the ground at gunpoint till the police come to arrest or ticket or whatever penalty they have for that is. Don’t worry, I won’t even sustain the energy to get the sign. But even when you ask those guys (Capitol Meats) and every tree cutting or paving company known to man, not to return, they do.
  • Can’t end on a negative note so – If you can give the gift of laughter or smiles you are obligated to share it.

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