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Love All

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I was trying to catch the reflection of the flag in the door as they were opening the Hard Rock Cafe in Baltimore this fine Friday. But I didn’t realize I had got the words “Love All” in the other half of the open door. It was such a good day I tried to practice what I had unknowingly caught in this picture. Actually at few times in this countries history, we did Love All. Maybe each of us can do our own little part to help it along again.

Reflection of the flag and buildings in the left side of the door and words Love All on the right side.  Photo by Mike Hartley

Reflection of the flag and buildings in the left side of the door and words Love All on the right side.
Photo by Mike Hartley

And to prove I did my best today, I didn’t T-Bone the idiot who ran a red light in Catonsville late this afternoon. I also found a pair of sunglasses on the ground in City Sports. I walked them up to the front counter and told the clerk I had just found these. The guy at the counter who he just finished checking out looked up and said they were his. About 10 minutes later a couple who was in town for a wedding asked what they could do in a few hours at the Inner Harbor so I gave them some options. I held doors for people. I tipped well. I nodded hello to total strangers after making eye contact. I said “sorry” when I accidentally cut someone off. I held the elevator for people.

I also helped revitalize the local economy by taking my family out to lunch at Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant. A new stop for us and it was very good. Great food and service. The ladies did their part and did some shopping. I have no idea what they purchased but I saw bags.  And it looks like from these other ladies on the street below, we weren’t alone.

Harbor East Shoppers Photo by Mike Hartley

Harbor East Shoppers
Photo by Mike Hartley

So I will revel in the sunshine and breeze we were given today. And most importantly the time with family and the smiles we shared. And I got to sneak in a fair amount of shooting so I’m going to go edit away. I still haven’t finished processing all the Annapolis shots from yesterday. It’s a nice problem to have. Usually its the lack of shooting that is the problem. Such a nice change of pace to have some time for it.

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