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Let me see, I’ve been out of this country 3x in my lifetime. And I’m not sure most would consider Canada out of this country. Or Bermuda for that sake. But in the early 2000’s I got lucky and was sent by my employer to a User Group conference in Helsinki Finland and it was wonderful. Well all except for getting there and back, but the rest was great.

Colorful transportation Photo by Mike Hartley

Colorful transportation
Photo by Mike Hartley

Found some old low res files and now I’m trying to figure out where the prints/negatives are of these, because some of these aren’t too sharp. If I remember correctly I think I scanned them in on a vintage 1990 flatbed scanner of dubious quality. There are a few I would like to get some better quality enlargements of.

Wow, this was some time ago but I recall it fondly. There was precious few minutes to walk the town between our conference and social/networking meetings.

But I was glad I did because in a short time I think I got some of life of this city. One thing I remember very clearly is how CLEAN the city was. All I could think was this was a mentality of the people and less a special system to deal with garbage.

Transportation of every form. Photo by Mike Hartley

Transportation of every form.
Photo by Mike Hartley

The number of people I saw on bikes was impressive. The cars were not the gas hogs we have here in the states. Well I have to admit I love gas hogs.

All I know is it seemed like a beautiful city. Again my apologies for these low res files, they don’t do the city justice.


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