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What to do

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I have such limited time to devote to my photography. I have to make decisions in regards as to how I spend the time and effort to keep accomplishing and working towards having a library of work to be proud of. For instance my images are in dire need of Photoshop or Lightroom but I have such little time to spend on editing I feel it would start to dominate what little time I have to shoot.

Fencepost Photo by Mike Hartley

Photo by Mike Hartley

At times I have a desire to go back and shoot B&W film on an old outfit. But that has been decades and I’m to tight on time to even convert some of my color stuff to B&W to see what else could be created, let alone do it right with film. It’s not that it wouldn’t take me long to pick up these programs. I don’t mean to date myself but I was using Photoshop version 1.2. And while its been a few decades I got the basic computer skills and knowledge to learn it.

Yeah I’m sure there are hundreds of new tools and tricks. And that will be fun to learn. Maybe I’ll try more of that later in my career when I have more computer time. Right now I’m trying to concentrate on 3 things. The first is shooting again. I’m trying to get my eyes looking for the unique angle, expression, pattern, color or feeling. And by shooting I’m learning the tools I’m working with again. I have a lot of work to do in that regard.

The second thing I’m trying to expand on is the different areas of photography. I’ve always liked nature and architectural work. But I’m trying to work on people and events, using and finding images to help illustrate my words and thoughts. I’ve always admired the work of photojournalist. I also hope to do some studio work which I never really have, to any extent. To do some time-lapse stuff with some of the sculptures I hope to do. This is helping me accumulate a good number of images I could use in the books I hope to write. And of course to keep populating this blog. But also do some display pieces along with collages.

Off Gorman Road. Photo by Mike Hartley

Off Gorman Road.
Photo by Mike Hartley

The third thing I’d like to be able to do with my photography and my families is to leave it digitized and organized for my family. For photography is also a documentation of time and the snapshots along the way. It’s a daunting task but one that I hope will pay dividends down the line for my children and theirs.

From simple things like my first sports car to a family walk through the local state park. From our parents shots of before we were born to the difficult times they lived through and their travels.

Well, I just thought of a 4th one. But being that is video I guess it has its own category. I’m sure I’ll moderate what I do in various phases of my photographic growth. Well hopefully there is growth. So maybe those tools aren’t too long off in my future. But I have to go shoot and get that down to get the good base image those tools will complement.

So I wasted Thursday by doing chores and getting some proper rest. What a slacker I’ve turned out to be. No problem, I’ll get back in gear today because I’m feeling good and inspired. So there will be accomplishments today.

Looking Up Photo by Mike Hartley

The day is Looking Up
Photo by Mike Hartley

I think I’m going to try to start doing multiple post a day for a bit and see if I can keep that pace of writing and photography up. It’s good to have goals. It’s also good to keep looking forward and not back. Even though as I randomly go back and grab some older photos like these to fill up my post at times, it helps me think about getting new and fresh and better images today and tomorrow.

A special wish for special person today to come through his medical procedure with flying colors. I’m surprised the world isn’t filled with more of those thoughts and headlines instead of all the hate we seem to have. Such is life.

And it regards to the title on the post today “What to do”. I believe I’ll exercise this body through some chores, basketball and walking to find the best photograph of the day. Have a good one all.

Trolley Line #9 Trail. Photo by Mike Hartley

Trolley Line #9 Trail.
Photo by Mike Hartley


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